Sunday, 9 November 2014

8 November 2014 (Day 6)

Visit to the Yayasan Sunbeams Home

Gordon Goh (2N3 / Infocomm)
For today’s activity, I don’t think it is a challenge for me, but if I were to name one, it would most probably be when we have to manage the kids as they were very naughty. Although we were all new to each other, we managed to know each other better with the ice breaking games.
We can be very happy together, angry with each other. But at the end of the day, we all forgive each other and everything goes back to normal. We should cherish whatever we have now instead of thinking of what new things we can get. We should resist negative peer pressure and encourage more positive peer pressure.

Victoria Chrislyn Tan (2N1 / Art)

Today we left Gopeng at 8.30 am for KL. Although I did not like the early bathing time and the flies all around the toilet, I will still miss Gopeng and its activities. I have learnt that although I hated it at first and regretted going there, I have to take back my words. It was the best 6 days of my life spent at Gopeng.
After the visit to the orphanage, I have learnt that not everyone is fortunate in this world and we should appreciate everything we have. Initially, we had difficulty managing the kids as they were excited and energetic. It prompted me to realise that we have taken our parents for granted when the kids do not have any. 


Madhumita (2N1 / ELDDS)

I had learnt that we should not take anything for granted especially our family and friends. This is because they are the ones who helped us when we are sad and going through difficulties. As for the children at the orphanage, they do not have their parents but they still enjoy life happily without any regret so we should not be too stubborn and picky with our lives and the loved ones around us.
We managed to break the ice with the girls who were extremely shy to communicate and play with us. Everyone was enjoying their time and the best moment was to see the children smiling and enjoying themselves with laughter and joy. It was indeed a meaningful time to cherish the children’s smiles. 

Last group photo with the children at Sunbeams Home! We are so going to miss them. :(

Trip To KLCC

Stopping by Twin Towers and KLCC to take a group photo. We learnt a lot throughout the past 6 days and had so much fun going through all the activities. It is definitely a trip to remember!

Final Night Reflection

We finally settled into Ibis Hotel for the night. However, tonight we did something different. Besides our daily reflections, we were tasked to write a self-reflection letter to ourselves. In the letter, we were given some pointers on what we could write about, and we were told that the letter will be mailed to us in a few months time. 

7 November 2014 (Day 5)]

 Jungle Trekking

At first, we thought that jungle trekking was merely a 5 kilometers tiring walk, however, as we trekked into the jungle we were taunted by many different obstacles. For the first 10 minutes of the hike, we were trekking up slope all the way. And at certain parts of the trail, we were supposed to walk alone as it was really narrow and slippery. We had to cross muddy paths where our shoes actually sank into the mud while we were walking crossing it. We were told not to be afraid of the mud and to walk quickly across it as we were sunk in deeper if we hesitate longer.

As we trekked through the jungle, there were parts where we needed to hold on to the person in front and behind you to support each other. We learnt to take care of each  other and ensure that no one is left behind.

Team building Activities

Trying out some games that we are going to play with the children in the orphanage tomorrow.

Yip Jia Jie (2B/ NPCC)

It is important to alert my team mates behind me of the obstacles during jungle trekking to ensure that they are aware of what they might expect as they trek forward. It is also important to have ample planning whenever we need to carry out certain activities to ensure that we fulfill our objectives. It is pointless to shout or scold each other as arguing do not solve any problems. Everyone has different threshold and we should all try to treat each other fairly. Having a different perspective and mindset towards team building activities,  I believe that if I am given a chance to try out it out again, I will be able to deal with it in a better way. I also learnt that decision making cannot be solely dependent on instincts but I need to work through the problem in order to make the right decision.

Melvan Chan (2N1 / Media Club)

We had many difficulties faced during the team building activity at the Adventure Park. I noticed that we did not work well and we needed to improve on our teamwork. But as we continued to work together and complete the course, I learnt that I have to communicate with my team mates more to have an effective teamwork and finish the challenge at a better timing.
In life, sometimes we cannot do things on our own. We have to work as a team so that we can get our tasks done effectively.

Nurul Syafiqah Mohd Fazli (2N1 / Red Cross)

I have learnt that we have to strive with better coordination, working together and to discuss with each other instead of arguing for better outcome. I have learnt that I should communicate better, try to share my ideas to help the team. Smile is very contagious and that’s what keeps a person going. Some people might be going through hard times but what makes them able to keep moving forward is that they smile which spreads positivity. So, we should be grateful and thank those who are still around us, standing around us today.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

6 November 2014 (Day 4)


In Gua Tempurung Cave!

This is the first time most of us had ever gone into a cave. It's an exhilarating experience for us. We had to climb up about 800 steps inside the cave and also crawl on our knees at some parts. We have to tread through parts where the water level were knee-high. It was dark and we couldn't see what was in front of us. We had to depend on each other especially the ones in front to shine their torch light to guide us out of the cave. There were parts where some of us had to form a line to illuminate the route for the others to walk. Truly a team effort.

Waterfall Abseiling

Intently listening to the instructions given by our instructor. We were reminded to have our safety helmets on at all times in the abseiling area. Our motto: Safety, Learning, Fun!

Some of us playing at the bottom of the waterfall while waiting for our turns to go for abseiling. The water was cold but refreshing. It was also the first time many of us has ever been to a waterfall.

Kimi Low (2E/ Netball)

I found it difficult in both the caving and waterfall abseiling activities. It was difficult for me to crawl through the darkness especially with water around me. However, I told myself that I have to brave it through and with a clear mind, I succeeded in completing the caving activity. As for the waterfall abseiling, I overcame the fear of the currents and encourage myself to give my best to complete the abseiling. I have learnt that many things in life requires a lot of courage and endurance to go through them. Seek first to understand, then seek to be understood. As a leader, we must not be selfish and we must always set our priorities right. I must be responsible and always think for my members before myself whenever I make any decisions. I must always be positive in any situations, resolve problems rationally, overcome adversities in order to motivate my members. 

Lim Wei Xi (2D/ NPCC)

I learnt to be more confident in myself and to trust my camp mates. I learnt that I need to be brave and to overcome my fears when completing the activities. It is important to have a never-give-up attitude in life and be more positive in my thinking.

Elvis Yeo (2D/ NPCC)

I learnt that the unknown is not always what we are afraid of . Being focus is an important and critical aspect in order for everything to go smoothly in a group. In a team, every member is equally important and we must never leave anyone behind. I learnt that I must always rely on myself because help may not be available at all times. As a leader, I must learn to motivate my members in overcoming their fears in certain activities. Every one needs another person in life to help them at some parts of their life. No man is an island.

5 November 2014 (Day 3)

White Water Rafting!

Wohooo! The activity that we all looked forward to! We started off with a safety briefing from the local guides on what to do on the dinghy (the "boat" that we sit on). We were all given a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), a helmet and a paddle. Once we were ready, we split into 8 smaller groups and started our journey down the Kampar River. Flowing through various rapids for about an hour, we finally reach our destination. 

Victoria Tan (2N1/ Art)

Besides having a lot of fun and excitement during the water rafting, I learnt that trust among team mates is important. With trust, we are able to overcome our doubts and conquer the challenges together. I also found today’s campcraft and outdoor cooking useful as I’m not so good in campcraft and todays lesson gave me camping skills which I can use for other camps or even family outings.  

Gordan Goh (2N3/ Infocomm)
I learnt that I should not give up easily and that team work is very important. I feel that I am very encouraging and I like to help others when they are in need. To me, in life, overcoming fear is never easy but I am taking the first step towards overcoming it.

Lin Wei Xi (2D/ NPCC)
I learnt to be brave and to accept new challenges. As I do not know how to swim, I had to pluck up a lot of courage to try out the water rafting. I manage to overcome my fear and succeeded in the end without giving up. This taught me that in life I must be confident and attempt all activities even if I may fear it initially. 

Belinda Tan (2B/ Band)
I have learnt to trust one another more as during "water rafting", we have to ensure that everyone paddles in order for the dingy to move. Also, I have learnt to care more for others who may be having difficulties. I have also learnt to manage my time better as I may lose track of time during some activities. I believe that I must first help myself and master my strengths while I work on my weaknesses in order to help the other camp mates. I feel that as a leader, I must have the heart to help and motivate my members in my CCA.

Nur Athirah (2D/ Netball)

I feel that good communication is needed during water rafting as there is a need to talk to each other or do hand signals to alert others about the rapids and waves. We must also coordinate well with our team mates when pedaling so that the dinghy will move smoothly. I feel that I have bonded more with my camp mates more as we go through the activities together. Through all the past few days activities, I have learnt to communicate better with others.

Campcraft / Outdoor Cooking

After lunch, we had camp craft session where we learnt to tie simple knots and make different gadgets for example shoe rack and rubbish holder. It is important for us to learn these skills as we can apply and improvise them for our camps next time. 

Time to present our dishes to the whole group and judges. We introduced our dishes and shared what ingredients we used to make them delicious. Everybody had lots of fun during the outdoor cooking session.

Walaaa!! Our final dishes! We got our teachers to then judge on the taste and presentation of our dishes. They were pretty impressed with how well we can actually cook!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

4 November 2014 (Day 2)


Group photo before the first game!

Before the start of the game, we were given a safety briefing on how to handle the "gun" called "markers", especially when we are in the shooting area. We were reminded repeatedly not to point the markers at anyone even when the barrel sock is on. We were brought into the shooting area to familiarize ourselves and plan out our strategies.

Each of us had to wear a safety set comprising of a face mask, neck guard and safety vest. No one is supposed to enter the shooting area without the safety set. As we geared ourselves up for the games, we were taught to check for each other to ensure that we are well-protected before the game. This also taught us to take care of each other no matter which team we are from.

We were given a chance to test shoot each time we start a new game. This is to ensure that our markers are working well. After each game ends, we learn something new that we could use to improvise in our next game. We must always be prepared for changes, be able to make decisions on the spot and adapt to the situations well. We also learnt to look out for each other during the game and stand by the motto "One for All, All for One." We learnt not to blame each other for any decisions made by our group members.

Communication played a big part in this activity. We may have a good, solid plan, but if something were to go wrong on the ground, the plan would be meaningless. 

Team Building Games

Gordon Goh (2N3 / Infocomm)

I've learnt that I cannot just depend on my teammates, I have to step up and take the lead. Teammates are important, just like the game "human chair" if one person falls, everyone would fall. Hence instead of blaming each other, we should encourage them and stand up together.

Kimi Low (2E/ Netball)

I had learnt how to implement strategies and apply teamwork in the activities we did. I also gained confidence in being alone during the night walk and also motivated my peers in completing the activities. I also learnt not to fear or judge too easily or quickly under any circumstances and that different people have different ways of solving a problems as everyone may have different perspectives. We also implemented school values such as integrity when playing indoor games and during the camp.

Night Walk

Night walk is also known as confidence walk for us. Through this activity, we learnt that we need not be fearful of the unknown and learn how to overcome our fears. Metaphorically, we as leaders have to walk alone when facing with challenges. 


Yip Jia Jie (2B / NPCC)

I've learnt that everyone has a phobia of something thus we should help each other to overcome it. We must work together in order to excel in any activities because a strong team is made up of individual talents who works together.

Given a chance, I would like to try the night walk again because I should be more positive towards this activity, and help to share my positive vibes to the rest of my peers.

Applying what I have learnt for the day to my life, teamwork and communication is essential for us to move towards a common goal.

Athirah (2D / Netball)

Having an open mind and thinking out of the box allow us to have a good strategy when doing an activity. This is especially when we were playing "key punch" where we had to touch all the numbered spots as fast as we can within a specific time.

Lim Wei Xi (2D / NPCC)

I learnt to believe in teammates and cooperate well with them. We even came up with a plan to 'destroy' our opponents in paintball and reminded each other to pay attention. I've also learnt that I must improve myself to seek help from teachers and friends, and to accept ideas from my peers and make it better.

Belinda Tan (2B / Band)

I had difficulties gathering everyone for an activity as I was the IC for the day. At first they were not listening but I learnt that I must get everyone's attention before giving instructions as it is more efficient this way.  

I think one of my strengths is that I am able to open up to my peers and help them with their difficulties. I've learnt not to use my strength for the wrong things or take advantage of it

Madhumita (2N1/ ELDDS)

I had learnt to be confident and not to give up in the activities we did today. I believed that we must work as a team and encourage each other and to be united as one. I have slowly adjusted to this place and got to know the other camp mates through the various activities. Through today's activities, I learnt to think out of the box and be confident when participating in the activities. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

3rd November 2014 (Day 1)

Gopeng here we come! Estimated journey time is 8 hours and we are expected to stop at 2 points. Lunch break in Malacca(Country Club) and bio break at Tapah. We started the journey with the instructors briefing us with the dos and don'ts in the bus. Mr Yusri , the teacher IC also briefed us on the 3 key points of 1. Safety , 2.Learning and 3.Fun. 

Lunch time at Orna Golf and Country Club. A spread of 8 dishes ranging from sweet and sour fish , vegetables , omelette, chicken and fish ball soup. Lunch was also a learning moment for us as we were told that as leaders we need to set rules and order in all our activities. As such every table members served each other food and only started to eat once all of us have our food on our plates. One for All, All for One!

Lorry trip to Adeline Guest House was very eventful as it was the first time for majority of us to sit and travel at the back of a lorry. Every lorry was accompanied by a teacher and an instructor. We were all made to sit down before the lorry moved off and it was truly an adventure.

Once we reached our accommodation (Adeline's Rest House) we unloaded and made our way to have dinner. The staff were very friendly and we had a hearty meal. 
Dinner Time
We are supposed to queue up for our food. Expectations were set by ourselves as we are leaders and we want to use all these opportunities to learn. We learnt that we are not supposed to take more than what we need and empathy must be shown in all actions.

Debriefing and Reflection Time

We were gathered in a drill shed and were briefed on MICEE model of leadership management. 
M - Model the way
I - Inspire a shared vision 
C - Challenge the process
E - Enable others to act
E - Encourage the Heart

As leaders, we need to model the way for our peers by demonstrating our school values and being a good role example through actions rather than words. We also need to inspire a shared vision among our peers aiming to achieve our goals and encourage others to do so. By challenging the process, we can achieve a better way to accomplish goals rather than taking orders and abiding them. A good leader gives others a chance to share their ideas or even lead to maintain equality in a team. Lastly, encouraging the heart enables the members of the team to stay positive and persevere to achieve a common goal.

We reflected on our strengths and weaknesses. The instructor also assisted by asking us to look into understanding ourselves and others. We also reflected on the activities which took place and the difficulties we faced.

We were briefed by Mr Shaheed on 3 important aspects to always recall during the camp which are safety, learning and fun. We must always look out for our group members as to ensure that they are safe. But most importantly, we were encouraged to learn from the experiences and activities in this camp to apply in our daily lives or to share with others


Kimi Low (2E / Netball)
I had difficulty in trying to cope with the different surroundings, trying to communicate with people I am unfamiliar with. We worked together and ensured that we would be able to overcome the challenges.

Madhumita (2N1 / ELDDS)
-       I've learnt 3 things.
     1: practice safety at all times and to always take care of each other. When there are difficulties to face, we should overcome it.
-      2: I must not be self-centred to myself but also we must take care of each other in order to have a safe and fun journey.
-      3: Ensure that everyone is safely in their seats in the bus.

Christine Yeo (2E / Guzheng)
I've learnt:-
1: We should help each other by unloading their luggage.
-        2:  Show care and concern to friends.
-        3:  Making friends.
-        4: Show care and concern to others and others will do the same thing.

Belinda Tan (2B / Band)
 I've learnt to
1: open up to move people that I do not know and be friendlier
2: to take initiative in everything I do and be more proactive.
3: be more appreciative to the things we have and the things we get.
-         I did not really know anyone as I was the only one representing Band but I made some friends when I started opening up to people. We introduced ourselves and talk about something about ourselves and we got to know each other better. Also, I opened up to people and made new friendsin just one day which was a great achievement for me.